Focus & Scope

The scope of this journal includes studies that intend to examine and understand nursing health care interventions and health policies that utilize advanced health research. This journal is also committed to enhancing high quality research by publishing analytic techniques, steps, and research methods no exception to systematic review papers. The policy issues for this journal are as follows:

1. Nursing health research:

Fundamentals of Nursing, Nursing Management, Medical-Surgical Care, Critical Care Nursing, Emergency and Trauma Care, Community Health Care, Mental Health Care, Geriatric Care, Family Care, Maternity Care, Child Care, and Nursing Education 

2. Public Health research:

Epidemiology and Biostatistic, Health service effectiveness, management and re-design, Health promotion and disease prevention, Evaluation of public health programmes or interventions, Public health governance, audit and quality, Public health law and ethics, Health policy and administration, Capacity in public health systems and workforce, Public health nutrition, Environmental health, Occupational health and safety,  Reproductive health, Maternal and child health.